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Transform Education Coaching

Challenge, support, grow

Transforming cultures through coaching

Changing cultures through coaching

At Transform Education Coaching we work with schools to transform their cultures.

Our range of coaching approaches enables your staff and leadership team to develop, grow and thrive, and your school culture to flourish.

Women Leader Group Coaching

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A group coaching programme ideal for women leaders at all levels. This course will help you increase self-awareness, build your sense of purpose and figure out where you want to be and how to get there. In our sessions you will grow your understanding of your personal and leadership strengths and develop your ability to set, prioritise and achieve short and long-term goals. 

Advanced Women Leader Coach Training

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Ready to make the next step in your career and support others? This programme explores the benefits of coaching and will teach you how to coach effectively. A safe space is provided in which you can put your learning into practice and begin to coach others with on-going feedback, support and development. 

Resilient Leadership Coaching

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This coaching programme is specifically designed with senior and middle leaders in mind. Covering strategies and practices supported by the Resilient Leaders Development Programme to improve your leadership capabilities, you will learn how to be the most effective and resilient leader you can be. This course will provide you with the knowledge you need to contribute fully as a leader, improving both your school and your own career. 

I’ve personally found Vicki’s coaching sessions to be so productive and I’ve really valued them. I’ve had brilliant feedback from others too so I know how fantastic she is and what benefits she can potentially bring to other female leaders at Hanson School.

Kate Hodson – Associate Assistant Headteacher

My sessions with Vicki have been so productive and she’s such an asset to our school. I have found that she has helped me discover ways in which to manage my work more effectively, work life balance, as well as areas like motivation and target setting.

Farhana Begum – Director of Teaching and Learning


Transform Education Coaching has been created to work with schools to create wellbeing cultures that ensure schools flourish.

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