Vicki Maguire

With you all the way

I am passionate about improving wellbeing in schools and providing a platform for leaders to grow and flourish. Throughout my career, I have developed my leadership skills and learned to effectively support and develop those around me. In all my coaching programmes, I offer my experience and knowledge of school leadership, built over 20 years of teaching and leading in schools. 

My career began in 1998 and I rapidly progressed to become Head of English in 2000. I was promoted to Assistant Headteacher in 2010 and worked in two schools where I was responsible for teaching and learning and the School Direct teacher training course. I followed this in 2016 by being appointed to a position as a Deputy Headteacher responsible for pupil progress and outcomes. 

I spent much of my time as a school leader learning about coaching and focused on developing my own coaching skills. My office door was always open to staff seeking support and I actively supported staff development, particularly working with middle and senior leaders. I supported the development of numerous members of staff through coaching, many into leadership positions.  

In 2019, I realised my ambition to help more women into leadership roles and decided it was time to leave my position in school and set up Transform Education Coaching. I studied for a coaching qualifications and recently qualified as an accredited Resilient Leaders Elements consultant. Seeing my clients blossom has been an incredible opportunity and I can’t wait to help you too. 

I can support you to

-improve leadership through the Resilient Leaders Development Programme
-improve teaching and learning through the creation of coaching communities
-develop your middle and aspiring leaders to help them set goals and improve their practice
-provide one-to-one coaching for your staff to support them to re-engage with their role and find their love for teaching again
-train staff to become coaches and create a self-sustaining staff development programme
-support the development and career progression of the women leaders in your school through my bespoke women leaders’ group coaching programmes
-develop your own leadership and that of the senior leadership team through one-to-one leadership coaching

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